Having had a very positive and enlightening Motivational map of myself carried out, I asked Nick Ratcliffe of Partners in Motivation to provide a Talent Management assessment for a key member of my staff.

The results were stunning and made immediate sense. Whilst stumbling almost randomly on a decent motivating strategy some years ago, the Map explained the reasons why this had worked. In addition, a couple of fears were allayed and 2 new areas of positive motivation identified. In just 10 minutes I felt I understood the core motivations for this member of staff better than I have done in 4 years.

Kevin Alexander, Managing Director, Livingstone Solutions Ltd

I have recently completed the on-line diagnostic tool and was delighted when I received my personal motivation map. I was not surprised to find that I was highly motivated in my present job role and found it really useful to have a kinaesthetic chart to highlight the motivational triggers. It was like having a thought scan. The results suggested that my primary motivator is “The searcher” and secondary “The Spirit”. The whole experience was enlightening; I was able to understand my thought process and it gave me a clear image of self, highlighted personal values and provided the affirmation needed to continue with my chosen career.

Thanks to you, it seems that "I am on the right track baby!"

Jo Wilson, Race Equality Development Officer & Youth Adviser

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of completing the personally profiled motivational map. I found the results interesting and insightful. I am confident that the results of the work you have done will significantly enhance my personal focus and help me to grow my business in a way that I will find more personally rewarding.

I also believe that using your expertise will help me enormously with the recruitment of new staff and enhance my business development due your help through the staff selection process.

I have no hesitation in recommending your services.

Simon Palmer, Director, PLS Financial Services Limited.

Motivation and Success are linked you never get one without the other so to be able to understand what truly motivates yourself and your team to help you achieve the success that you deserve is key.

Nicks Motivational Mapping tool is invaluable in helping people to identify their prime motivators.

After taking the simple test myself I found the results to be incredibly accurate and they have given me a real insight into my own motivation and also the prime motivators of the key leaders in my team.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this fabulous tool.

Chris Williams, Inspirational Educator